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From the amazing aromato the smooth crisp flavor, we love cold brewed coffee! Everyone should come in and do themselves a favor and try our custom craft cold brew in still AND nitro. We pride ourselves in being able to make anything from a German Choc Cake to a cold brew Gangsta style, meaning traditional cold brew.

When coffee is cold brewed it's stronger than a regular cup of coffee, However it is not bitter like espresso! Instead, it has a richer coffee flavor and a smoother texture. Because we grind our own beans in house and soak them for long periods of time to create the base for our drinks, its a coffee concentrate. Keep in mind that just because it's brewed cold does not mean you can't have a hot cup of coffee either! Sweetz Brew can be heated, just not boiled. This allows you to enjoy a Sweetz Brew in any way you choose! At Sweetz, the choice is up to YOU.

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