About Sweetz Brew

Sweetz Brew is a literal home grown local company that has figured out the perfect cup of cold brew, just the way you want it. Our custom craft cold brews are full of smooth coffee, amazing flavors and good vibes. We are here to give you a cold brew experience that is unmatched by far

The Sweetz Brew Story

The whole concept of Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee Co. was inspired by a health issue my hubz had. Since I have known him, he has had heart burn - BAD. But two years ago when he went to go see the doctor for his mandatory physical (he works for the fire department) the doctor told him he had to go see a gastro doctor to get an endoscopy and get his acid reflux under control otherwise he wouldn't be cleared for duty.
So my hubz made the appointment and as we sat there the doctor told him that in order to get the issue under control he would need to cut out chocolate, coffee, and any other foods with high acid. This news was killer since we are both avid coffee lovers! I immediately began researching how I could limit the acid in coffee and stumbled upon this "cold brew" concept. Little did I know just how much we would grow to love everything about it!
I started brewing small batches for my husband and I. That eventually turned into brewing large batches for our kids, and then brewing even larger batches and making fun drinks for friends. Finally we came up with the idea to have an actual cold brewed coffee shop. On a trip up to Idaho with our family, we stopped into a tiny coffee shop in northern Arizona, where we were so excited to have espr3esso and not gas station coffee! We went bouncing into the shop and ordered our coffee, the girl behind the counter did not enjoy our enthusiasm for coffee. She was very short and seemed annoyed with us. We got in the car and none of us drank our coffee. I told my husband that nobody should ever walk into a coffee shop and feel the way we did. I think coffee should be your high five for getting our of bed in the am! I emailed our accountant the second we left there and asked if the LLC was even available, and it was.So we began dreaming of what our shop would look like, feel like and function. The natural idea was to "test" the waters with a shop in our kitchen. So with the help of my amazing and supportive husband I began selling jars of coffee by appointment only and just making 5 gallons at a time. We shortly began literally exploding with customers who fell in love with our brew too! After a year and a half we opened the doors to our shop, and have loved every minute of the process.